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About Us: Welcome

About Our Squad

We are a competitive group of friends who love to challenge each other in everything we do.  We place bets while playing golf, drinking at the bar, making dinner, playing pick-up sports, ripping Mario Kart... you get the point.  We all believe that life is simply more fun with something at stake, so we decided to build a community around that belief.  You'll see below that we are no different from you, just a couple of people working hard to make life more fun by turning it into a game.

James DvoraK

I'm from Chicago and graduated from Indiana University in 2021. I'm a huge White Sox, Bears, Bulls fan. I love to golf; HANDSHAKE BETS ARE FOR PAR 3's. 

My Favorite Handshake Bet: I once won $100 for eating a piece of Sushi in 4th grade from my dad, while my older sister ate 2 rolls. She got $0. Perks of being a picky eater.

Tyler Kozub

They call me TyKo and I also graduated from Indiana University in 2021. If you need an unnecessarily aggressive pick on a game, email me at All locks all the time. Cubs make the playoffs in 2022.

My Favorite Handshake Bet: I beat James on Par 3. Took me 3 years, but finally won. I'm never going to let him forget


Patrick Murtagh

You guessed it, I also graduated from Indiana University in 2021. I am huge Mets-Jets-Islanders guy and I will cry if one of them ever wins a championship. I'm very competitive and loud, you'll know its me when I win.

My Favorite Handshake Bet: I lost in Fantasy Football and had to sing Christmas Carols in Times Square in my boxers. Video coming soon.

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