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That's our bad!
Our website is currently under development. Stay tuned to this page for details on our development roadmap and updates on completed milestones.


Welcome to Handshake Bets

The social gambling revolution has arrived.

Handshake Bets is a decentralized peer-to-peer betting platform where anyone can bet on anything. Literally, anything. Create your own bet, risk what you want and take control of your personal betting experience.

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Handshake Bets Roadmap

Phase 1
Community Engagement

Do you love competing with your friends on everything? Then you're in the right place.  Join the Handshake Bets community on all forms of social media @handshakebets. We are most active on TikTok & Instagram and will be launching a Community Discord in the coming days.


Phase 2
NFT Launch

These NFTs will be for everyone. Whether you’ve made thousands in NFTs or have never considered purchasing one, this is the project for you. Handshake Bets NFTs will offer owners real benefits within our ecosystem, including unique utilities within the Handshake Bets application and an exclusive membership with DAO governance of future updates & features.

We have designs in the works that we can't wait to share with you!

Phase 3
Betting on the Blockchain


Building a decentralized, peer-to-peer betting platform that provides you with complete control over your betting experience is our main goal. With our initial web release, we will utilize smart contract technology to provide a platform that enables you to securely bet on anything with your friends.

This will mark the beginning of a social gambling revolution. 


Phase 4
Handshake Bets Goes Mobile

Handshake Bets began as an iOS application, but we soon realized this limited our short-term goals. iOS applications currently do not possess the ability to integrate blockchain technology, but we are betting that will change in the near future! Handshake Bets will only be considered a success when you are able to place a bet with your friends on the blockchain within the Handshake Bets mobile app.  

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